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VIDEO: Make your own liquid sweetener from dates

Most liquid sweeteners available in the market aren’t “whole foods”. They are concentrated and processed foods that don’t contain the nutrients and fiber of the original food. Essentially, they are mostly sugar and nothing else. Since I’m a big believer in eating minimally processed foods, I don’t use these liquid sweeteners very often.

In this video, I’ll show you how to make a liquid sweetener alternative from dried dates without removing any of the fiber. It’s quick, easy and you get to keep all the nutrients in the dates!

This sweetener can be used as a replacement for recipes that don’t require an intense sweet flavour. The date sweetener is mild and has it’s own appeal – it tastes a bit like caramel. Not intense caramel, but a mild caramel that is soft and inviting. The best part is you can make the sweetener to suit your needs. You can make it as thick of as thin as you want. Thick is great for certain recipes while a thinner consistency works well for drizzling. So let’s get started. Watch the video by clicking above.

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