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This is my latest e-book (June 2019). If you’re tired of dealing with clutter in your home and in your life, this guide might just be for you!

The Simply Minimal Life is your digital guide (120 pages) to living a happier life with PRACTICAL minimalism. Make room for what matters and live a meaningful life!


You’ll get access to a 2-part e-book that you can download and read on any device with a PDF viewer. 

1: Guide to practical minimalism (90 pages)

We dive into a variety of topics (such as decluttering, how to make better purchases, digital minimalism and more) to help you begin your minimalism journey. It’s comprehensive and written in simple and friendly language.

2: Minimalism workbook (30 pages)

You’ll get access to 17 useful worksheets to spark positive changes in your life. The worksheets can be printed or filled digitally. (The workbook includes decluttering challenges, checklists, prompts and many more exercises to help you kickstart your journey).

Completely new to minimalism? No problem! This e-book guides you through the process with simple, easy instructions and tips. Anyone can use this guide and workbook to live a joyful and more intentional life!


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Tired of making goals that don’t stick? Do you want to achieve more in your life?

A simple life goals workbook can help you live the life you envision!

The 2019 Life Goals Workbook (digital printable) is a 64-page structured workbook with many questions and useful exercises that will help you achieve your dreams and goals!

The workbook is divided into two parts:


1. Goal setting: this part will help you reflect on 2018, set realistic goals for 2019 and create simple action plans. 

2. Getting back on track: this segment will help you tackle obstacles that hold you back (e.g. perfectionism, self-doubt, procrastination, stress, etc.)


New to goal setting? No problem! The workbook has easy instructions and guides you through the process step-by-step. It also features 45+ goal ideas to get you started. Anyone can use this workbook to make 2019 impactful!


To purchase your copy, click on the link here.