The Whole + Happy Life is a YouTube channel for anyone who wants to live a healthy and positive life with simple, realistic changes. No fads, myths or rules here!

Every week, you’ll see videos on topics such as:
– Eating healthy with easy changes
– Living with less (minimalism) + becoming more organized
– Designing a life you love with positivity

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About Ria Karan

I’m an evidence-based holistic nutritionist with a Master’s degree in food engineering and applied science.

As you can tell by my background, nutrition/food is my true passion! However, my interests lie far beyond nutrition. Eating well is just ONE piece of the puzzle when it comes to good health. Your health is about so much more: sleep, exercise, stress relief, relationships and your lifestyle. On this channel, I share tips to live a healthy and positive life from all different aspects – not just nutrition.

I’m also an avid follower of minimalism, but I’m not rigid about it. I think minimalism is a tool to enhance the way we live and shouldn’t have too many rules and restrictions. To learn about some of the life-changing benefits of minimalism I have experienced, click to watch my video on the topic.

Join me in living the whole happy life!

Ria Karan

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